I’m sleepy today. You know why? Because for the last two nights, I have literally been too excited to sleep. Seriously. Even once I get the light out, I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve. I used to feel like this when I was in the best parts of my publishing journey. I couldn’t wait for Monday. I couldn’t wait for mornings. And that feeling is back. I feel like myself again.

My Website

I am transitioning back to my former author website, but there are some behind-the-scenes logistics I have to finish before it can go live again. (One of them will be really exciting for you guys on my email list.)

My Writing

I have been able to start my writing days earlier in the mornings and put in a few good hours. I am working on the third book of the Between series, which is from Carter’s point of view. I am also working on “The Called” – the revamping of the first book of The Secret of Sentarra series.

I was not able to release the Between series on Amazon before I came to Ohio, so I am also working on getting those manuscripts ready for releasing as eBooks and physical books on Amazon. Right now they are only on Barnes and Noble. I am also choosing which among a few my unpublished short stories will be shared in the next email with you, my friends.

My Life

Some of you know that I have been struggling with breathing issues and seeing a lung specialist. We’re not sure exactly what is causing the difficulties, but we are hoping the move from Ohio to Texas air will help. I do appear to have some physical damage to my lungs, but we’ve pretty well ruled out any kind of degenerative lung disease. I am full swing into the tasks of moving myself and my business back to Texas and will be leaving Ohio on June 30th.

My Friends

Having a little more time now, I have been able to reconnect with both my writer and non-writer friends. It’s been fun to see photos of babies and weddings. I’ve enjoyed the phone chats. And you guys, I have to say I’m impressed. Some of you are raising small children, some are battling cancer and caring for paralyzed family members, some are pursuing goals in writing and acting, some are recovering from literal torture and attempts to take their lives, some are fighting to save the historic Luther Hotel from being demolished.

There are a lot of people really struggling right now, but the theme that has risen consistently is, “Life is hard, but God is good. Life pounded me but I’m taking it one day at a time.” Everywhere this is an echo of a “rising above and looking above” theme. And I’m saddened for every person who is struggling, but guys, I am so dang proud of us too. Look at us, all taking this chaotic world head on. Reaching our goals. Clinging to God. And stopping to encourage each other along the way. I just love you guys.

P.S. If you haven’t joined my email list, please do! I want to make sure everyone makes the transition from this site to my author’s site with me. I’ll be sharing some of my writing and author adventures. And I’m working on a surprise. 😉

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