Between Series

“Where am I?”
“You’re in Between.”
“In between what?”
“No. You’re in Between.
What’s the last thing you remember?”
“I don’t remember anything.”

I don’t know where I was going, or why I was so dressed up. I can’t even guess who tried to kill me—or why he’d want to. I don’t even remember my name. All I know is I ended up in a world where you exist for as long as you are remembered. But how you experience life depends on what you can remember. Problem is, I can’t remember anything.

I have friends in Between: Jessica, the spunky girl whose first kiss was stolen by death. Nathaniel, the pioneer who cannot fade no matter how much he wants to. And Carter, the bully who became my best friend. We all live with the others, here in Between, where we are fueled by the memories of those we left behind. Our worlds are comprised of the last day that lives in our memories and the present world that goes on without us. Where people will eventually forget us. And when we are forgotten, we fade.

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