About Lindsey Reneé Backen

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to learn about the past, especially the day-to-day details about how average people lived. I dragged a shovel into the yard and dug my first tiny garden when I was eight years old. My teen journals are smattered with entries about baking bread and rolls, practicing piano, and internal debates about whether I want to save up for a harp or a saddle for my future horse. (The harp won.) By the time I graduated from high school at the age of seventeen, I was taking courses on writing children’s literature and dressmaking and design. I studied musical theater in college and later applied the skills I learned as an actor to teach writers how to develop character-driven fiction.

I believe that history makes a great teacher, helping us make sense of present events. The skills of history can help us be more productive, self-sufficient, and give us satisfaction in creating things with our own two hands. Besides, some of them are just plain fun.

So come along with me as I poke around history, sharing skills I have learned and exploring new ones.

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