Lindsey Reneé Backen

We live in a world where our past is being erased and we are losing the skills and mindsets that helped our ancestors survive and thrive. When a button pops off your shirt, do you know how to sew it back on? When there are only 7 ingredients in the pantry, can you pull a meal together? When you’re driving and your GPS goes AWOL, do you even know which direction your car is pointing?

Would you like to develop the skills that helped our ancestors survive?

No, I’m not going to suggest you purchase 25 acres and a plow. I’m not going to warn you of impending doom and tell you how you can hide your supplies. But people throughout history faced the same challenges that we do today, and their lives became a handbook for us. By learning from them, you can stretch your supplies and dollars to offset a recession. You can repair an item instead of throwing it away. You can reintroduce your culture to polite behavior and tasteful dressing. You can navigate using a map instead of a device. Or you can just sew that button on and dash off to work. Your problems may be unique to your life, but someone, sometime has faced every one of them.

My goal on this blog is to help you enhance your present by reviving the physical and social skills of the past.

The latest from my blog

How to Make Ink Like A Medieval Monk

How to Make Ink Like A Medieval Monk

Have found yourself using a pen and wondering how medieval people created ink? After living through lock down, multiple hurricanes, and common short power outages, I often wonder how long I could go without access or money to purchase items from the store. As I begin...

You put the rice in the salt and…

You put the rice in the salt and…

Does your salt clump in your shaker? Here’s what to do about it – and a story of the first rice farm in Matagorda Texas. What do they have in common? You put the rice in the salt and you shake it all up…

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